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Let’s face it – pure appreciation of the grape is a good enough reason to enjoy a glass of wine. However if you are keen to join your fellow vinofiles in worship, be sure to lock the following International Wine Days of 2020 into your calendar!

Some may argue whether these dates are actually recognised officially. However wine lovers are uniting by raising their glasses around the world, paying homage to their favourite drop. After all, we have been enjoying this nectar of the gods for 8000 years, and traditions need to start somewhere right?

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National Drink Wine Day_Wine Travellr


  • After the festivities of the the previous year have long gone, it’s time to pop the cork on a new vintage and kick start the year with National Drink Wine Day – February 18
  • Open that Bottle Night, #OpenThatBottleNight –  last Saturday in February


World Malbec Day_Wine Travellr


  • Thanks to Argentina, the world is once again in love with the bold rich flavours of Malbec. Dive into the deep purple on World Malbec Day#WorldMalbecDay – April 17
International Sauvignon Blanc Day_Wine Travellr
International Chardonnay Day_Wine Travellr


  • Fancy a glass of grassy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or perhaps a crisp Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé? The first Friday in May is for you with International Sauvignon Blanc Day.
  • World Moscato Day, #WorldMoscatoDay – May 9
  • All hail the mighty Chardonnay! While it’s popularity in the new world has been on somewhat of a roller coaster in the last few decades, there’s no denying this grape is an absolute work horse. Even if a glass of Chardie isn’t your thing, you have to love the leading role it plays in most Champagne and Sparklers on International Chardonnay Day, #ChardonnayDay – May 21
International Rose Day_Wine Travellr



International Grenache Day_Wine Travellr


International Champagne Day_Wine Travellr


  • International Pinotage Day – second Saturday of October
  • While we never need an excuse to drink a glass of bubbly, International (Global) Champagne Day, #ChampagneDay – October 19 is certainly worth noting on your International wine days calendar. According to my grandmother, one should always have a bottle of champagne in the fridge, as there is always something worth celebrating!
  • Carignan Day – last Thursday in October
Beaujolais Nouveau Day_Wine Travellr


  • International Merlot Day – November 7
  • International Tempranillo Day – 2nd Thursday in November
  •  Join in the festivities of Beaujolais Nouveau Day –  kicking off on the 3rd Thursday in November for 5 days. This fresh, fruity young wine is fun and best served slightly chilled.
  • Carménère Day – November 24